Five Most Common Feline EHPSS Variations

This video presents the five most common feline extrahepatic portosystemic shunts (EHPSS), or “cat liver shunts” or “hepatic shunts”. Intrahepatic shunts (those within the liver) are not included here. The nomenclature system is based on the anatomic portal venous branches of origin and systemic venous branches of insertion as well as any contributing portal vessels. The shunts are presented in order of natural prevalence, and tables have been included to present the (subjective) relative portal perfusion identified with each individual shunt variation. There are repeated transitions between normal portal anatomy and each shunt variation to help the viewer understand the nature of the corresponding anatomy. These variations are based on over 225 computed tomography studies (CAT scans) performed in cats with liver shunts at 27 different institutions in multiple countries. 

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